Sergeant Thunderhoof are:

Dan Flitcroft - Vocals

Mark Sayer - Guitar

Jim Camp - Bass

Darren Ashman - Drums

Sergeant Thunderhoof formed in late 2013 from the ashes of many previous bands (Indica, Birds of Ares, Died Smiling, Sharp End First, Ratz Ass). The first EP (Zigurat) came out in early 2014 and explored the lyrical themes of alternative realities and histories. This fantastical basis has gone on to forge the overall theme of the band’s music throughout their work.

The first full length album (Ride of the Hoof) was released in November 2015 , followed by a live release (Live on Earth) in 2016 which was recorded in their home town of Bath in Somerset (UK).

2018 saw the release of their second full length (Terra Solus) and later in the year they featured on the ‘The Wall Redux’ and 'Best of Pink Floyd' Lp's curated by Magnetic Eye Records.

2020 saw the release of the split LP 'Masamune and Muramasa' with the band Howling Giant. Released on LP by Ripple Music. A UK tour to promote the LP in April of 2020 was sadly cancelled due to the Covid 19 outbreak.

2020 also saw the Vinyl re-release and remaster of Live on Earth.

Sergeant Thunderhoof remain largely unsigned and handle all their merch, bookings, manufacturing, design and fulfilment in-house. All their music is available for free or ‘pay what you want’ via their Bandcamp page.

In August 2020, Sergeant Thunderhoof have agreed terms to partner with Pale Wizard Records, of which Dan Flitcroft is one of the founders. This partnership will allow both the band and Pale Wizard to continue recording and releasing music whilst removing many of the financial risks.

For all enquiries, contact the band directly at [email protected]

Bands they have played with since 2013:
Orange Goblin, Candlemass, Elder, Gonga, Mos Generator, Karma To Burn, Raging Speedhorn, Desert Storm, Sigiriya, Suns of Thunder, Black Spiders.


Zigurat – 2014

Released on:
Digipak CD – 500 made
Coloured LP (Red & Gold Splatter) 100 made
Coloured LP (Silver) 150 made
Limited Tape Cassette – 50 made

Ride of the Hoof – 2015

Released on:
Deluxe CD (in reptilian pouch with slipcase, patch, badges, art prints) 100 made
Standard Cd
Coloured 2LP (Purple) 100 made
Black 2LP
Limited Tape Cassette – 50 made

Live on Earth – 2016

Released on:
Digipak CD – 200 made

*Later released on Double Orange vinyl in 2020

Terra Solus – 2018

Released on:
Deluxe CD (numbered slipcase, deluxe patch)
Standard Cd
Coloured 2LP (transparent with comic book) 50 made
Coloured 2LP (Black and white splatter with comic book) 100 made
Coloured 2LP (Gold) 300 made
Limited Tape Cassette – 50 made

Masamune & Muramasa (with Howling Giant)

Released on:

Digipak Cd

3 x Colour Vinyl variants via Ripple Music


“Barely tamed, extremely hallucinogenic and beautifully overloaded all round, this lysergic rollercoaster shows that the underground cottage industry is alive and kicking. 8/10” Classic Rock Magazine

“Sergeant Thunderhoof have a sound all of their own, and it is the sound of musical genius. 10/10”. Powerplay Magazine

“What immediately grabs you is the way this band hold themselves, the whole album feels and sounds totally in control, this is a band that knows exactly where they are going, and it sounds accomplished and polished throughout.”. Dancing About Architecture

“Terra Solus is an absolute killer of an album from beginning to end.” Taste Nation

“if you are familiar with their past work you will know to expect plenty of addictive grooviness, raucous riffage and hazy psychedelics all executed with a breath-taking level of musicianship and outstanding display of vocal dynamics and Terra Solus does not disappoint in any of those departments.” Doom Charts

“Like Kyuss before them, they refuse to be pigeonholed into a single sound, delivering varied, impeccably composed songs that always come back to the riffs, but don't live or die by them.” Metal Bandcamp

"It didn’t take long for this one to make its way to one of my most played albums this year. An album I keep coming back to for their impressive sound which is taking the right bits and pieces from our fuzzy scene.” More Fuzz

“a wildly ambitious and brilliant album. 8/10” Insomnia Club

“Sergeant Thunderhoof's unparalleled synthesis of Sabbathian grooves, transcendental psychedelia, and unpredictable hooky flair make them more than just a stoner rock band. Sergeant Thunderhoof is definitely one of the most original sounding entities out there right now and I hope that they will continue to impress us with their mercurial brand of heavy rock for years to come.” Moanineggnog

“Sergeant Thunderhoof just keep getting better with each release. Enter Terra Solus, the band's third studio album... and it looks like we've got another slab of Iommic riffs, soaring vocals and ripping solos to look forward to. Honing their craft with each new album seems to be second nature for vocalist Dan Flitcroft and company. Terra Solus is no different in this regard and would fit nicely in any record collection right next to any Dio-era Sabbath records (as a fan of Dio, I mean this in a good way!).” Doom Wizard Dungeon

“Eight killer tracks of heavy psyched out stoner perfection with sprinkles of metal, doom, and space rock throughout. This is the Bath, UK bands third studio album and it is delivered stunningly. The execution and recording are flawless and the songs are some of the strongest I have heard in a while.” Outlaws of the Sun

"These guys have struck stoner Gold" - Terrorizer Magazine

"You really have to tip your hat to Sergeant Thunderhoof, who leave you begging for more" - Echoes and Dust

Website: www.sergeantthunderhoof.co.uk

Bandcamp: https://sergeantthunderhoof.bandcamp.com/releases

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sergeantthunderhoof/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sergeantthunderhoof